14 December, 2010

You Asked For It: Goldiluxe, Unpolished

Hello, all!  Like the new topic title?  I do.  I've used "From the Trenches" for so long, I decided it was time for something new.  Which brings me to what has got to be the most asked question in my Inbox.  And I have been meaning to answer you, I just couldn't find the right words.  Well, all that's changed, so here goes:

(To paraphrase, like, 30 questions):
Hey!  I liked 'Holy Matrimony'!  What gives? Aren't you concerned about confusing your readers/potential clients?

First of all, thanks everyone for your interest in me!  I am forever grateful that I have such great bloggy friends out there watching my back.  Now to answer your question:

This answer has three parts.

1.  I wanted something new and dynamic. I love making a splash!  I always have.  Goldiluxe started as a little dream I had nearly 4 years ago.  The seed grew while I work as a bridal consultant and finally blossomed sometime during the planning of my wedding.  I immediately began cultivating, blogging, dreaming and scheming.  The closer I got to taking Goldiluxe public, the more I knew I needed something I could really get behind.  After brainstorming over 50 titles, meeting with my besties for critiques and copious amounts of soul-searching, Goldiluxe Events and Consulting was born! And you know what?  I didn't worry about my readers and clients at all.  I deserve something spectacular, something I can be proud of and so do all of you!

2. This year is my golden birthday and Goldiluxe represents a re-birth of sorts. On November 29th, I turned 29.  29!!  Can you believe it.  I always tend to wax poetic around my birthday in anticipation of another year.  This year I took a long, hard look at all the things I've been through, all the things I've learned and experienced and I just felt.......new.  New, at 29.  Wow.  Goldiluxe is a representation of the beautifully luxe life I intend to have.  Goldiluxe exists to bring a piece of that spectacular beauty to you.

3. I love gold!  I mean, seriously y'all.  I LOVE gold.  I love the phrase, "You're golden." I love the bittersweet idea of gilded cages.  I adore Golden Ages.  There was a song we used to sing when I was a Girl Scout that went like..."Make new friends, but keep the old.  One is silver and the other gold." I loved that song.  I still do.  I will teach it to my children, I will sing it until the day I die.  Above all, to me the idea of gold is something kind of magical.  Something everlasting and wonderful. 

So, there you have it.  A teensy, tiny little window into Goldiluxe Events.  I hope you like what you see.  I do.

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