08 November, 2010

Let This Serve as a Reminder....

AC (the fantastically handsome feline model), reminds us that November is well underway.  We all know November brings with it the start of the holiday season (even though it's 60 degrees here in MKE and my holiday bone is still buried) .  It's time to break out the gold chargers, dust off the 'fancy' recipe book and plan those holiday parties.

This November I hope to not only share with you some of my tips and tricks for a fuss-free Thanksgiving, I will be sharing some mood boards and sketches for upcoming festivities.  I also hope to give you some really wonderful how-to's and gift ideas.  I'm sooo excited to get started!

Want some more AC?  Well, you know, he has a blog.  And a calendar.  And his Momma is a friend of mine.

Photo credit: Katefunk dot etsy dot com (it's a picture of a Thanksgiving Day card I'm dying to buy)

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