08 November, 2010

I Saw the Signs...

Hello, dolls!

Ohmygawd, I am loving these cute signs that have been popping up all over the wed-o-sphere! In fact, I think I may be including some in my designs for a country-chic themed reception I've been working on.  I've included three of my Etsy favorites below.

1.  The Ritzy Rose.  I LOVE this one!  How cute is this.  J'adore!  What a lovely way to put the guests wise to all their favorite parts of the event.   
2.  Family Attic.  My favorite thing about this is the vintage feel.  I like that its not overwhelmingly shabby chic (not my favorite flavor), but the weathered feel would add nicely to any rustic, outdoorsy event.
3.  Our Hobby to Your Home.  So, cute.  I really appreciate the clean, chic look of this.  I'd like it even more, smack dab in the middle of a flower bed. 

All three of these little lovelies are winners for me and I suggest you go on over to the shops and see for yourself!

All photos belong to the etsy sellers...

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