22 November, 2010

Beauty Bathed in Gold

I happened upon this little lovely whilst scouring the Design Within Reach website for a desk to put in my office (currently under renovation).

Boom, baby!  This exquisite set from Skitsch is designed by the brilliant Front (a group of three Swedish designers) and is a DWR exclusive.  The brilliance of this literally kills me dead.  I am living for this...well, I like anything with "dipped in a gold bath" in the product description.  Although pricey (the large carafe alone will set you back 70 clams), it would totes make an incredible wedding (or 29th birthday...anyone...Bueller?) present.  The Midas collection will join this on my "Gorgeous Things to Pile Into My Modern Day Pyramid" list.

Photo credit: Design Within Reach dot com


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