21 January, 2010

{New for 2010} Paper Source

Whilst checking my e-mail (a daily obsession, I know) I found this! 2010 Wedding Invitation Collection?! Yay! I love Paper Source, I really do. They just get better and better with each passing year. So tell me, what do you think?

I am a sucker for a nice border. This one has it in spades. I really appreciate the homage to Victorian design. The cross-hatch pattern really does balance it out nicely. And, I have to say, that's one heck of a folded note. Yum!

Then, of course there is this...

*Sigh* I swoon, I love this so much. I'm a big fan of playful elegance. I am dreaming of this in blush and gray. Or yellow and gray.

Well, that's all you get from me. Check out all the 2010 wedding brilliance here, here, here and
here. After you've done that, check out the rest of the website and the Paper Source blog.

Suites shown: 1. Victorian Garden Wedding Invitations
2. Carnival Wedding Invitations
{via Paper Source}

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