14 January, 2010

Designer Love...Again

You might remember a post a while ago about Birnbaum and Bullock? Well, I just stumbled across their 2010 preview. It's a doozy, I can tell you that much. The dress below is my fave so far. Look at that neckline! And that silhouette?! I die! This is definitely an example of satin faced organza done right. Check out the rest of the preview and the rest of their collections here.

Let me just take a minute to express my appreciation for this ridiculously talented design team. For me, they're a perfect 10. What could be better than all that style? How about an air of uncompromising beauty for every bride. This is their take on alternative sizing. Love it. Such an important sentiment phrased so beautifully.

photo credit: birnbaum and bullock dot com

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