14 January, 2010

From the Trenches: Color Me Fab!

A short letter...

Long time hover-er, first time writer. A suggestion though, more how to's. Also, more on colors and boards. My fiance and I are having a winter wedding. It's semi-formal to formal. We have a lot of traditional elements but we also really want our wedding to be all about us. I really want to wear a dress that isn't white. Or ivory. My Mom doesn't think it's appropriate and it can't be a formal wedding if I don't wear white. So can I do that and still have a traditional wedding?

Hey there! Thanks for reading.

The short answer: Yes, yes a thousand times yes. Of course you have have a formal/traditional wedding with a dress in some dreamy color.

The long answer: One of the things I try to do as a designer is get rid of the notions of "can", "cannot", "should" or "should not". I believe that a wedding should reflect the relationship of the two people involved. No strings. I think each couple should make their own "traditions". If a bright pink dress makes you feel beautiful and shows off the extraordinary person you are, then you wear it! I love bold, bright colors, so I'm the last person that's going to rain on your parade.

Here are a few dresses to get the wheels turning...Enjoy!

Altelier Aimee

Jenny Packham

Ellie Saab

One of my favorite examples ever-The fabulous Dita Von Teese in Vivienne Westwood

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