28 June, 2012

Under the Glitz: Country Wedding

I've been searching for a way to give you a piece of our process without sharing drawings or any specific details that might spoil it for the guests.  I also think it's important for prospective clients and readers to catch a glimpse behind the gilded curtain, so to speak.  To really get a sense of what it takes to pull a Goldiluxe event together.  So, I thought a new segment was is order.  I give you: Under the Glitz.  The title's in flux, so sue me.  Here we go!

Country Wedding is proving to be one of the most exciting events I've worked on.  I mean, not only is it for a dear friend of mine, I'm also a bridesmaid!  We are having so much fun designing this wedding, I thought you might like to know how it's going:

It's coming together, y'all!  Lets take a look at what we've got, shall we?

First up is a sneak peek of some of Allison's fabric customized for Country Wedding.  I had the idea that we should use some of her amazing fabrics and of course Allison was able to pull it off.  It's perfect.  I can't wait to show you what we're doing with it...

Underneath that, we've got some picture frames getting Goldified!  Between my stash and the generosity of GoldiFriend, Kate Funk, we were able to snag lots of fab frames for zero coin.  We love to scavenge and bargain.  It's a great chance for us to stretch our imaginations and use a little ingenuity.  It may take longer than sourcing ready-made, but we think the extra effort to stick within budget means more to our couples. We're really turning up the rusticity of this event and I really wanted to bring in some elements of home decor, but re-imagined to fit our 'rustic-chic' mood.  The frames have been painted and are now awaiting their finishing touches.  It's gonna be KYOOT!

Next, I've got a stockpile of amazing vintage mason jars.  I have been scouting antique stores for months to find the perfect ones!  Because the Mason Jar is an outrageously popular collector's item, they are quite pricey and can be really cost-prohibitive.  So, to compensate, we've filled in with newer and reclaimed jars.  We've saved our couple a lot of money, but they didn't have to compromise on style.  The stately little jars will be popping up all over the event, so stay tuned! 

I wish I could tell you more about the photo in the middle.  I really do.  But, if I talk it may give away too much...so all I'll say is that we will not be without the perfect July accessory.

The final picture in our little group is part of my latest haul from my favorite antique hunting ground, Antiques on Second.  They literally have everything.  I had a lot of luck there last time, so much luck in fact I can't show you the best parts.  Just know Country Wedding is chock full of charming vintage touches that enhance the rustic gorgeousness of the venue.  Classy, not kitschy, y'all!

There you have it!  A peek at what it takes to create the quintessential Goldiluxe event. 
Any questions about the process?  We'd love to chat with you!  Leave your questions in the comments or e-mail me at: goldiluxeevents@gmail.com.

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