29 May, 2012

Luxe Life: Citrus Celebration

Finally!  I have pictures, y'all!  Citrus Celebration was a complete success and the happy couple and their families were thrilled with our work!  We had so much fun Goldifying Siena and David's special day and we were so honored to be a part of it.  Here are my favorite images from the set up.  Enjoy!

I am so proud of this, I want to cry!  I think that after a lot of work, communication and editing, we were able to come up with something really special.  I don't mind telling you that Allison was a centerpiece makin' machine!  I was unavailable in the morning and she really did an amazing job!  Fun Fact:  We created the rigging for the lanterns from scratch.  We wanted something that would be an 'easy up, easy down' situation.

A supah-cute shot of the gift table.  The little card box I made turned out so well, I was sad to give it up.  But, look how sweet it is on the table!  

This is seriously one of my favorite shots of the day.  I love the way the favor table turned out.  From the sweet little sign to the totally gorge arrangement, it's so, perfectly dainty, I can't stand it.  How cute are those freaking matchbooks, y'all?! 

Ah, the 'guest book' table.  Have I ever told you how much I love clever guest book alternatives?  Well, I do.  And I'm still living for those paper flowers.  Trust me, they are even more delicious up close!

These are two of my favorite shots of the sweets table.  Just so beautiful...and delicious, too.

A week or so after the event, we sat down and had a post mortem meeting.  It was a great way to talk through all aspects of the event.  It was so important for us to keep the communication going and I was so proud of us and the way we handled it!  We learned so much from this event and we are so excited for the next one!

To see more (and, believe me, there's so much more) go to our Facebook page.  You'll love it.

Linens/catering: Irene's Catering
Sweets: Jaceleen Latin-Kasper (She's pretty amazeballs, yo.  She did all the sweets and her own set-up.  Color me impressed.)
Paper Flowers: Posh Studios
Matchbooks: Decadent Designs
Guestbook Tree: Modern Keepsakes
Venue: Kate Funk (a HUGE thanks to Kate, it was so awesome having my own photog there so I could direct the shoot!  She's a huge part of Goldiluxe and I'm so lucky to have her as a friend....and she's an ah. mah.  zing. photographer, too!)

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  1. Thank you! You guys did an awesome job on everything - it was beautiful.