29 June, 2010

Your OWN Native Son

As many of you may know, the ever-fab Oprah Winfrey is launching a new network called OWN. Never dull, she has launched a contest called "Your OWN Show". The idea is, you audition, share your love of _________(insert awesomeness here) with the world and you could win your own show. I love this idea. Love it. So what's this got to do with us?

Milwaukee event design heavyweight David Caruso of Dynamic Events has entered the contest! Yay! He is such a wonderful asset to the Milwaukee wedding scene and it would be so incredible to see him on TV, sharing his knowledge with the world.

Unfortunately that won't happen if we don't vote! So, go here or here to watch his adorable audition video and receive voting instructions. Let's rally together and support on of our own, Milwaukee!

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