15 June, 2010

I'm a Ramblin' {Wo}Man

When I write, especially for this blog...well, it's a process to say the least. My crazy {read: unique} process often leads me to the predicament I am in now. Dozens of unfinished posts languishing in my dashboard. Seriously y'all, my dashboard looks like a place where great ideas go to die. So yesterday I went through them. All two million of them. I think they're pretty great so, I've decided to publish them.

I'll put three or four of them together in one post. They may all be about the same topics or they may be random groupings of wedding planning related ramblings. You might notice a slightly different tone in some of my writing. Well, all I can say is sometimes it's hard to be so Martha freaking Stewart all the time. You try it and you'll see what I mean. My sense of humor doesn't mean I don't mean every darn word. All in all, I think they'll be pretty entertaining.

So, here goes:

If I have to hear "Amazed" by Lonestar used for one more country wedding First Dance, I'm going to freaking lose it. Here's a tip B's and G's, try to find music that suits you as a couple. Use those beautiful brains of yours. Don't let your DJ or band talk you into what's "popular" or "trendy". They are workin' for you not the other way around. One of the best weddings I ever went to, the couple danced to "Quiche Lorraine" by the B-52's. Seriously, cupcakes. The B-52's. I nearly had an 80's-gasm. It was worth it.


Brides. Please, oh, please consider your 'maids. They love you and they're putting up with a lot of your Bridey crap right now. So, maybe you can find a dress for them to wear that isn't $400. That, and maybe you can let them pick out their own dresses. C'mon, what do you say? They are your bridesmaid because of the truly awesome and unique people they are, right? And, no, they can't just shorten it and wear it again.


No more princess tiaras. Ever! You are so beautiful and so stylish and you can do better, right? Just look at all the bridal hair splendor that surrounds you. Don't know where to start? How about with these links:

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