30 October, 2009

The Words Right Out of My Mouth!

Ok, so for months I've been working on a blog post about the most outrageous, over the top wedding themes and ideas. One such idea, for me has always been the Moulin Rouge theme. I. Love. This. I'd been trying to properly articulate my big, big vision for this type of soiree into the fluid, streamlined prose I'm used to writing. This has been futile. I had almost given up hope, when I stumbled on to this.

This little post is from one of my new favorite blogs, Lolliblog-Blogalicious. I am loving this Internet gem so hard right now, I simply can't breathe. I really identify with the message of having an exquisitely executed event and not blowing the budget. Mostly, I love that Lollipop Events & Designs is a perfect storm of design loveliness. I recommend this site to any couple looking for advice, in simple, straight forward language. Amazing! I started following them a couple months ago. I'm never disappointed. Never.

I encourage you all to check them out! You won't be sorry! Simply brill!

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