30 October, 2009

{Spooky Inspiration}

I have Tim Burton on the brain today. I really do. I. Love. Him! Always have. If Helena Bonham Carter (and The Hubbs, for that matter) wasn't standing in my way, I would marry him myself.

I am obsessed with the idea of the Tim Burton inspired wedding. So much is good about that idea. But (and this is a HUGE but), only if it is done with taste. This is a theme that could go from chic to campy in one overly taffeta-ed instant. Ahh, but that is fodder for another post my lovelies...another post at another time.

So today I leave you with this.

And this.I'm especially in love with this picture because I see so much emotion. I love that the skeleton looks to be in despair, with the way it's turned from us and hunched into its hands. Loving this.

Happy Hallowedding, everyone!

Photos found here and property of Harper's Bazaar.

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