19 October, 2009

October Updates!

Hello all! I am so sorry to have been silent so long. Boo on me. My October has just been filled to the brim with fabulocity! I am planning a couple of events, working my fingers to the bone at the 9 to 5 and trying to get the redecorating under control before it gets to be too chilly to paint. I've also picked out a Halloween costume for the Fur Baby (I had to choose between "Pumpkin" and "Lobster") and I'm proud to say that my little girl will be the cutest Pumpkin ever. Stay tuned for pictures.

Now down to business. I have sooo much to share with you all. The latest in winter wedding trends, gowns and other wedding finery. I have been deep in the heart of the Twitterverse and I have met lots of exceptional vendors and will be doing features on all of them.

Let's get to it, shall we?!

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