12 September, 2009

Oscar De La Renta Spring 2010

Ok, so it was really difficult to choose three looks from this collection. I loved it all. Seriously. De La Renta really knocked it out with this collection. Here are my top three.

This is, to me, the sort of dress little girls dream about. Look at the detail on the skirt! Incredible! I have seen a lot of this type of embellishment but I haven't seen it done better. I'm also a huge fan of the no veil headpiece. It's such a wonderful alternative for the traditional veil and blusher. From head to toe, this look is one huge Do.

Love, love LOVE this! Again with the stunning empire waist line! The dreamy, creamy pink is crazy beautiful. With the lace overlay it's simply perfection.

Ah, my favorite... So different! So chic! I see this in a number of perfect situations. Perhaps a reception costume change (of which I am a HUGE fan, by the way). This reminds me of one of those amazing suits you see in movies of the late 50's and very early 60's. The embellishment on the collar and on the waistline is just to die for! The above the knee length is perfect. Smart and chic with just the right touch of sex appeal. I love.

I know I said three, but it's my blog. And I think I want a bonus...here you go!

Hello, Nurse! I am in love with this dress. The way that the bodice while edgy and cool blends seamlessly into that amazing skirt- Insanity! There isn't a thing I don't love about this dress. Well, except the price tag, but it's the price we pay for perfection, no? Meow!

Photos from brides.com

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