11 April, 2009

Save the What?!.....Date. That's what.

Today a word about Save the Dates.

If I had to pick the question I get most often- it would have to be, "Do I really need Save the Date card?" This question would usually be followed by, "Are they necessary.....I mean it's just another expense, right?" My answer is always the same. It goes a little bit something like this: "Don't we want to do all we can to assist everyone we've invited in attending? Look, truth is everybody's busy. Everybody. So, it stands to reason the more lead time they're given, the more likely they'll be able to attend."

Now, I'm in no way suggesting that you run right out and buy letterpressed, solid gold save the date cards. There are so many things you can to do save a little green while your guests are busy saving the date. Magnets and postcards are two of my favorite ideas and are perfect for the Recessionista.

My piece of advice? Well, today you get more than one. First, your Save the Dates should hit the mail approximately 2 to 4 months before your invites go out. So, in real people time, about 4 to 6 months before your wedding. I'd say for those of you having destination weddings stick with six months. Use your judgment.

Finally, Keep it simple. You're only asking your guests to save the date. Give them a taste of your event and then leave them wanting more. You've spent a lot of time putting the whole shebang together, so play it close to the chest. Also, don't wait for a response. You won't get one. Your guests will eagerly reply when their invites arrive.

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