26 March, 2009

Excuse Me, but Where Are You Going With My Domino?

Okay, folks I probably should have said something sooner but I think I was in deep denial. But now, there is no escape from the truth.

Domino Magazine is no more. Never to return. Our collective economic disarray has claimed yet another victim.

Let's take a moment to honor this giant among magazines. Who, but Domino could give us a fresh, new take on decorating? What will my next party be without Domino.com's clever advice on choosing artisanal cheeses?

Seriously, this magazine was spot on in introducing a whole new generation to the art of decorating. This was also a perfect magazine to use when looking for wedding inspiration.

Mark my words, there will never be another magazine that pairs as nicely with Sunday afternoons and Pinot Grigio.

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