21 April, 2009

Let's Get Funk-y!

My friend Kate is a brilliant photographer. She has a degree in photography from MIAD (Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design). I met her a little over two years ago while we were both working at a certain Milwaukee stationery store.The above photo is one of my absolute favorites. It features the Wisconsin Dells, which I'm told is a tourist location with a lot of water parks. I believe it is a 45 minute drive from Milwaukee. The Hubbs and I are putting this little beauty in our house. But I digress...

So, Kate. Milwaukee resident and friend of mine has a cat. His name is Annoying Customer, or AC for short. AC runs a blog and it's marvelous! This pretty kitty is the subject of several of Kate's creations. She has an extensive line of cards and invitations featuring the little black dynamo.

Anyway, Ms. Funk has just issued her Spring 2009 catalog. You can find it, here. It's super cute! She has several boxed card sets available as well as party invitations. All handmade and all brilliant. The catalog itself is wholesale but I think you can get a good sense of her collection. The products and retail prices are available on her Etsy Shop.

If you're in the Milwaukee area, you may find her products at Fasten Collective on Kinnickinnic Avenue or at Broadway Paper. In Illinois, she can be found at Renegade Handmade. She also has a really great Etsy Shop, which might be the easiest way to satisfy your craving for Kate Funk products.

Please tell your friends, families and neighbors about this great local artist!

Photo credit: "Wisconsin Dells Trio" Kate Funk
In the catalog: layout and graphic design by Brennan Groh, all products by Kate Funk


  1. No problem, you! It was a fun article about an awesome local artist.