28 May, 2013

Destination Dazzling! (Part One)

There's something so magical about tropical, seaside affairs, isn't there?  The magnificently blue skies, the soothing sounds of rolling water, the birds singing happily in swaying palm trees....le sigh.  All that atmosphere makes us wish that, even for a moment, our beauty could radiate as flawlessly as that of Mother Nature.  Well, with a destination wedding we are given that chance.

Today, let's take a peek at what's out there, shall we?

First up: Dresses! Season, location, and venue can and should inform your choice, here. The best advice I have is this: Consider lightweight, breathable fabrics that complement your frame and can withstand travel with minimal difficulty.  You might let yourself be drawn to understated elegance that won't detract from the natural beauty of your location.  Although, a little glamour never killed anyone...so keep that in mind.  My of the moment loves:

Say 'hello!' to Ursula!  Gorg, right?  At $595 (a MIRACLE at J. Crew), this little J. Crew number is perfect for the beach.  I LOVE the length of cotton cord that forms the halter.  Suh. Kyoot.

We return to BHLDN for this stunner from James Coviello.  The Charlene Maxi is the right mix of drama and demure.  Go.  Take a look at the back.  I'll wait.  Pretty great, right?  The price tag is a shocker at only $650.

Also from BHLDN (I know...I could go on and on!) is this sweet little Ribboned Silk Gown.  Designed specifically for BHLDN, this Ve Et Vien gown is sure to thrill at your seaside nuptials.  I'd pair with either a sash or statement necklace for full effect (Oh! The editors agree with me!).  It's a little pricier, coming in at $1600, but well worth the coin, if you ask me.

For the Tootsies:  A friend of mine got hitched on sand and had this to say, "I should've worn shoes!  My poor feet were scorched by the end of the ceremony."  She went on to say that while she bought the dreamiest little sandals for din din and dancing, she wished she'd had some daytime protection. Take from that what you will.  I for one am living for these beachy finds:

Maroma Sandal, by Heiress. BHLDN exclusive, y'all.  Handmade in India.  I die. A friggin' steal at $170

The Kira sandal from J. Crew is kill. ing. me.  Made in Italy and sporting a $138 pricetag...forgeddaboudit!

Vince Camuto's Macalia is another Perfect 10, for me.  At $78.95, these are the perfect mix of passion and pragmatism.  These Vince Camuto darlings are also available in black and are currently in my shopping cart...I'm a Vince Camuto junkie, what can I say?

Whew!  That's a lot of glamma! Tune in tomorrow because I'll be sharing more dazzling selections for your destination celebration!

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