23 August, 2011

Tiki Weekend: First Look

Hello, dolls!

I'm so happy to finally share a glimpse of the tiki party!  It was a huge success and will most likely become a yearly thing...so, while I'm concerned about the concept getting stale, I'll have plenty of opportunities to revamp, rework and redesign aspects of the party on a yearly basis. 

I hope you enjoy your first look at Tiki Weekend!

Quite possibly my favorite touch of the evening.  This adorable tiki sign comes to us via Allison.  She found it a number of years ago.  The other side says "The Tiki Lounge is Closed" and we could barely contain our excitement when we finally switched the sign to "open".  So, we're nerds.  Sue me.

The cupcakes!  They really did turn out wonderfully.  I made my signature lemon-lavender cake and topped them with a vanilla cloud frosting.  The swirl cups and tiki sugars I purchased at Layer Cake Shop.  Those sugars are just the living end and made the diminutive cakes really stand out on the table.

An adorable shot of the drink table.  You can see our cute straws (also from Layer Cake Shop) and vintage Hawaii souvenir mugs (from the ever-awesome Tip Top Atomic Shop in the heart of Bay View) )Look at those flowers, will ya?!  Allison and I really wanted a deliciously tropical flower arrangement. We thought. We sketched.  Finally, it hit us! And, voil√†! A tropical drink inspired arrangement! 

The tiki lanterns were perhaps the best idea we had for the party.  They are a completely original design and we are really proud of them.  I was instantly in love with how easy they were to make (they'd also be a great craft for kids).  Our little tiki idols were a huge hit with the guests!  
Stay tuned for more Tiki Weekend all week!  I have so much more to share!

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