10 November, 2009

My New {Designer} Crush!

Steven Birnbaum has the cutest little ad in the newest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. *sigh*...I loves him so much! For those of you that don't know, Steven Birnbaum is half of the mindblowingly talented design team Birnbaum & Bullock. Mostly I love that this particular line ranges in price from $950-$2350. I love style at a reasonable price. Here are a few of my favorite offerings.

1. Maggie. This dress gives good detail, I'll tell you what! I'm really enjoying the lapel effect on the back of the dress. Simple, yet stunning. Such a great combination.

2. LouLou. I love love LOVE short, chic wedding dresses. And let me tell you, they seem to be all the rage for this coming spring. I am in lust with this dress. I want it. The neckline and the bow detail?! To die for and how cute with the gloves. A perfect 10, in my book.

3. And here's Sunni. This little dress strikes me in a couple of ways. It's such a breezy, beautiful dress. I love the little flower detail on the bottom of the dress. It's small, sweet and romantic. A friend of mine is getting married next fall and she's been looking for a dreamy dress and I think this would be perfect for her.

I'd also like to mention the lack of veil in all three looks. In my own, personal opinion-I'm happy to see them go. My traditional, 50's housewife side LOVES the look of a bride in white with a demure veil obscuring her features from her betrothed until he finally kisses her, sealing the deal. BUT. My, fun, chic, ultramodern side says, "Forget about it!" Veils don't need to be fingertip length to be elegant. I'm a firm believer in alternative bridal adornment. The three styles shown here are wonderful! In fact, I think I feel a post coming on!

All photos from the Steven Birnbaum website.

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