13 November, 2009

From the Trenches: A Clarification

From the mailbag:

Hello! Two questions for you. 1. What's a junior bridesmaid? and 2. Do I need one? Thanx

First of all, thanks for reading and more thanks for writing in! Answering questions and giving advice makes me all giddy!

So, to answer your questions:

1. A junior bridesmaid is typically a position for a girl who isn't really old enough to be a bridesmaid but not young enough to be a flower girl. For me, this age range is 9-15. Younger participants usually take their positions very seriously. It's sweet. Junior bridesmaids usually attend and help with showers or any creative aspect of the festivities as the bride sees fit. She may go dress shopping with the Bride (this is especially fun if the young lady is a sister or daughter). Typically, the JB would wear an age appropriate version of the bridesmaid dress and would stand with the rest of the attendants during the ceremony. She should attend both the ceremony rehearsal and the dinner. I always suggest the JB help the ushers or handout programs as guest arrive. There are a lot of things you can do to make it a special job for an important little gal in your life.

2. While it is nice to include younger family members in the Bridal party, it is no longer, in my opinion, necessary. It's up to you and your SO. Only you two will know if you need one.

p.s I couldn't resist the peonies. It's chilly here and I needed something pretty to look at.

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