08 May, 2009

Because She's Your Mother, That's Why!

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This comes to us from the ever so stylish Twig and Thistle. Seattle based print designer and all around design genius, Kathleen is the brain behind this wonderful company. The blog is amazing! This adorable little doorknocker is perfect for the busy Mom (and aren't they all?!) You can download it here. I suggest printing it on brightly colored card stock. The doorknocker will fit nicely inside a #10 envelope (my favorite #10 envelopes of all time are from Paper Source). I think this gift would be best paired with something sinful (Godiva, anyone?) for that special lady in your life to enjoy with her feet up.

Let's all take the time to remember our mothers this weekend. They've given us life, love, and their never ending support as we bumble through our lives desperately trying to become half the person they are so effortlessly. I for one don't know where I'd be without my Mom behind me 100%. So, with all they give us everyday, let's make sure we give Sunday, May 10th to them.

I love you, Mom!

Photo credit: Twig and Thistle Blog

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