11 May, 2009

Arrrgh! What to Wear to a Wedding!

The Hubbs and I are attending a wedding very soon. The happy couple are friends from The Hubbs days as a New Berlin Eisnenhower Lion. The groomie stood up in our wedding. The lovebirds are cute as a button. Great people!

"So what's the problem?!", you ask. I don't have anything to wear. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Buh. Sometimes I feel like my life would be so much easier if I weren't so fussy. So while browsing the virtual racks at Nordstrom and Macy's, I decided to put in my two cents about appropriate wedding guest attire.

Fancy Pants
I love a swanky, ultra-hip formal wedding. I do. But I believe there are some general rules one must follow when dressing for it. First and foremost, don't outdress the bride. I include dressing all in the color of the wedding dress in this rule. Believe you me, if someone had shown up to our wedding in the same color dress as me I would have scratched her ever-lovin' eyes out! It's my number one no-no for sure. After obeying that rule, feel free to go big with the glam! I am a huge advocate for silk, beads, sequins (tastefully done of course) and all things that glitter. Wear what you feel beautiful in. Age appropriateness is a big issue with me, as well. Let's remember we aren't going to prom or a second grade girl's birthday party or a brothel (please pardon my tone!). Dress for your wonderfully unique body type, wear your age like a badge of honor and you will be a hit every time!

A guest at our wedding wore a 20's inspired sailor dress in a lovely yellowish green tone. The hem hit at the knee and was whimsically asymmetrical. She accented it with the most beautiful light yellow buckled heels and necklaces that just hit the navel. She looked comfortable, stylish and radiant. The current object of my covetous heart is this little Badgley Mischka number pictured at #1. I am lovin' blue right now! Also, notice the beaded natural waist line. Stunning!

Semi-Formal Chic
The bulk of the weddings I've been to are semi-formal affairs. I think this is a great way to go, I find most guests are far more comfortable when "Black Tie" doesn't appear on the invite. But, let me remind you not to mistake semi-formal for casual. Aim for a put-together ensemble that is both tasteful and slightly fancier than your everyday look. I love bright, bold colors in the spring and summer and tend to save the darker colors for weddings later in the year. Plums, yellows and shades of blue and green look fresh with grays and neutrals. Consider silk georgette and fluid rayon fabrics for a breezy look at any pre-dusk soiree. After dark, you may want to head for a little more sophistication. I love cocktail dresses paired with fitted jackets and bold accessories. Right now, this Kay Unger silk halter dress (aka #2) seems like a dream. First of all, pure silk?! Oh my, and what a lovely color, not to mention the leopard print is so soft, it barely seems leopard-y. My favorite part? The halter neckline and banded waist, of course! This style looks great on just about everyone.

A Causual Fete

Romantic. Whimsical. Breathtaking. These are three words that come to mind when I think of casual weddings. Garden settings, beautiful beaches, and municipal parks are just some of the places crafty couples are getting hitched. The mood is always joyful and lighthearted. One's attire should compliment the theme. I reccommend cotton sateen, linen and silk chiffon in dreamy silhouettes. Nanette Lepore hit the mark with the lovely belted a-line dress at #3. To me, it's wonderfully fluid and the shape is perfect for every body type. Dresses aren't your thing? Mix it up in a smart pantsuit crafted in festive colors. #4 is gorgeous! I love the wide leg pant and dramatic, asymmetrical neckline. Bold prints and bright colors are beautiful and today's styles are all about looking lovely. All in all make sure you're dressed appropriately. No jeans, please.

Okay, I feel a little better now. Had to get that off my chest. It doesn't change the fact that I have nothing to wear. Oh, well-back to the closet I go. Wish me luck, all!

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