01 October, 2014

Horrorween 2014: Media Roundup Part One

Welcome to another installment of my month long celebration of fright!  This year, as always we begin with rounding up the best television has to offer and hopefully, you will find the inspiration you need to throw an amazing film festival of your own.  Settle in for part one of the hunt for fright.

 The first slot on our tour is easily the most terrifying.  On October 8th, FX’s own wicked offering American Horror Story returns with season four, entitled Freak Show.  I have been a HUGE fan of this series since its inception (although, I’ll admit, I wasn’t a giant fan of Asylum) and Freak show looks to be the best yet!  This is my favorite of the haunting teasers for the show.  Enjoy!

The Walking Dead is the first of two AMC offerings I have for you this year.  For many, the solid little show has strayed somewhat, but I will keep giving this show another chance.  I still love the idea and I’m still ride or die for Daryl Dixon.  With last season’s return to the brutality that made it famous and the rumblings of the Interwebs, I am genuinely interested to see what season five will bring.  So, sit back, turn out the lights and get ready for October 12th…

Rounding out the first half of our tribute to terror is Syfy’s 31 Days of Halloween. I love SyFy, I really do and while I’m not a fan of their reality programs for the most part, I never fail to make SyFy a stop on my Halloween patrol. This year's highlights are: Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines (a SyFy original, so it's chock full of blood.  Despite the production value, it's a pretty decent little flick), My Soul to Take (the 2008 supernatural thriller didn't do well critically speaking, but I thought it was a fun return to slasher films), Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974, baby.  For me, no other version exists.  It's a classic, so catch it if you can), Chernobyl Diaries, Let Me In (the blander, Americanized remake of the Swedish hit, but still good).  Of course, check the lineup for some original SyFy titles and some festive, if not frightening titles (Dracula 2000, I'm lookin' at you)

Join me tomorrow as we continue our search for fear!


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