06 November, 2012

A Message From Goldiluxe: Bedazzle the Vote!

It's that time again, dolls!

First, a statement:  I just wanted to remind you all to get out there and rock that vote!  Vote, vote, vote!  Remind your friends and family!  We have the ability to participate in something that so many people all over the world are fighting and yes, dying for.  Even here, in our beautiful, wonderful country, people fought and died to give us that right.   So, let's exercise it, already!  Who's with me?

Now, a caveat: I don't care who you vote for.  I really don't.  I will love you all, donkey or elephant.  But, I do care how you vote.  I want you to use that big, beautiful brain of yours.  I want you to turn off your TVs, drown out the pundits and make up your own minds.  We owe it to ourselves to make the most informed choice we can.  Isn't that what makes this country great, our right to think for ourselves?!  There is a lot at stake, darlings, and lets face it, our country needs us this year.

Now, get out and vote.  Let Washington hear that big, beautiful voice of yours!  And honey, if nothing else, I know that voting never goes out of style.

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