12 August, 2010

Etsy Love: Serendipity

Ah, Serendipity indeed! I came across this fantastic designer this am on my daily Etsy crawl and I was blown away! Among the myriad of lovelies in this brill little shop from Saint Louis, I found some really amazing vintage inspired finds. I thought I'd share them with all of you!

I love these so much, I could just eat them! But I won't. I am constantly looking for attractive, stylish destination invites. I'm really loving the vintage inspired save the dates. Travel advertisements from the 40's-early 60's are really something. I find I pull inspiration from them quite a bit. And that boarding pass?! I die!

I am a huge fan of this!! Once upon a time, there was a couple with several family members attending the wedding in the states from all over the world. She needed two sets of invites, as well. We searched and searched for a passport inspired invite! If only we'd found this! More importantly, while I am not usually a big fan of rhinestone encrusted invites, I really like this. I find it just subtle enough to be elegant and not overpowering.

And, because my lovely friend is having a Vegas wedding and I have Vegas on the mind, I thought I'd show you these:

Be still my heart, a scratch off save the date?! You can't be serious?! Oh, am I ever! I am LOVING these so hard right now, I could just pass out from the brilliant! Couldn't you?

So, take my advice and get your cute little bride-y behind over to that Etsy shop and get a load of the goods!

Photo credit: Serendipity Beyond Design

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